How to set up Microsoft office 365 and office 2019

If you have purchased either office 365 or Office 2019 retail card, the key must be at the back side of the card. Microsoft office is a set of office application and each application has its own specialty with unique feature which are commonly used in home segment user and modern offices. We must thank to Bill gates for designing such a wonderful software with several versions and editions


Microsoft is very much concerned about the features of a product and the requirement of customer. 2019 is a stable version it means it is available for users to download and install The limitation of Office 2019 is that it only works with Windows 10 hence it cannot be installed on earlier version of windows.

Setup Office

  • Open Web Browser
  • Go to
  • Click Sign in button
  • Enter email id and password
  • Click on sign in to continue
  • Enter 25 digit office product key
  • Select language and press continue
  • Then click submit
  • Finally your product will be activate