Microsoft Office 365 Ports and Firewall Challenges – setup uk setup uk РWe can prepare, automate, customize, etc. a lot in our Microsoft Admin Portals.

Nevertheless, it happens again and again that parts of the service do not work. My experience has shown me that in more than 90% of the cases, one of these 2 points
was responsible.

Firewall exceptions – setup uk

During one of my last installations we deployed Microsoft 365 via autopilot. This basically worked very well. Only the office package could not be installed.

In another case, the Office applications were already installed, but could not be updated.

Both customers had one general thing in common. This was the used firewall. In this case we are talking about Sophos Astaro UTM.
I am not saying that this problem can only occur with a Sophos UTM firewalls, but in my example I am using that firewall.

The reason why Office could not be installed is that the firewall requires an exception.

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