Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics – uk uk – Advanced Threat Analytics is an on-premises platform to assist you to protect your business from advanced targeted attacks by automatically analyzing, learning, and identifying normal and abnormal entity (user, devices, and resources) behavior.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics is an enterprise solution deployed on-premise to guard an organization’s networks. Microsoft ATA uses data gathered by on-premise ATA gateways, machine learning, network logs, and events also as past user and device behavior to detect suspicious activity and malicious attacks.

New Advanced Threat Analytics Features – uk

The latest version includes vastly improved detection capabilities. Microsoft has improved the weird protocol detection capabilities so as to permit the software to detect WannaCry, one of the worst ransomware attacks that targeted Windows-based systems this year.

ATA 1.9 also will detect abnormal modifications to AD groups that have elevated privileges. this is often huge considering the last time I had done this for any customers of mine, it had been through a script or third-party utility.

ATA also will spot auth¬entication failures associated with brute-force attacks, and it’ll detect Windows Management Instrumentation-based remote code execution attempts from DCS. Microsoft has additionally done some work regarding reconnaissance-related AD queries, and Kerberos Golden price tag activity.

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